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ClosetMonster's Stack O' Comics

For years, before I gained access to the World Wide Web, I had to rely on what I found in movies and comics to feed my craving for female masking images. I'd stumbled onto a few, and then I found Kerry's Masks in the Media list. From there the scavenger hunt was on! I'll be adding more and more scans from my collection as I sneak scanner time and as I find new additions. If you have any that you'd like to submit, please send them to me, and I'll be glad to post them.
     Alpha Flight #12:  The real brains behind the evil scientist! 
     Batman Family Giant:  Enter Duela Dent!
     Batman (French):  Le Batman is trapped by Selina Kyle!
     Black Orchid Saga:   All known Black Orchid masking scenes!
     Black Hole #1:  A very bizarre story!
     Black Magic #1:  A classic by Kirby!
     Blood and Shadows:  An Ed Gein type serial killer is more than he appears!  (Not for the Squeamish!)
     Bob Hope #93:  Bob becomes Secret Agent #149217761860 and meets some unlikely beauties!
     Borris the Bear #11:  Borris won't fall for that old trick!
     Brothers:  Another Japanese manga (comic).
     Captain America:  Renegade vigilante, The Scourge, uses many disguises.
     Cocoon:   Images from the Cinefex magazine!
     D.D.D.:  A  mystery book from Japan!
     Daredevil #241:  The Trickster seems to be having an identity crisis!
     Deadpool #45:  The cover shows Titania, a blonde bombshell supervillain, unmasking to 
                                  reveal who's been impersonating her!
     Detective Comics #506 & #507:  Manikin, a disfigured model, uses a variety of rubber masks!
     Excalibur:  The evil Warwolves wear skins for disguises!
     Gen13:   A bumbling villain has a dream about his plans for revenge going "down the crapper." 
     Green Lantern #69:  My girlfriend's a robot!?  Cool!
     Hawkeye: World's Mightiest Marksman #1
     Iron Man #103:  Madame Masque reveals herself!
     The Joker:  Tangent Comics shows a future Joker with a secret!
     Justice League of America #17
     Kajuko-oH (Peacock King):  This vampire doesn't take your blood...he takes your skin!
     Lupin III:  My favorite Japanese manga! 
     Manga Spoof:  I have no idea where this is from.
     My Teacher Fried My Brains:  Kids book with a nice cover. 
     National Lampoon:  Gay Male Drag Queen!   
     Playboy Comic:   A Halloween comic from Playboy's October 1994 issue.
     Robin plus Impulse #1:  Our heroes team up with the mysterious Mystral!
     Rusty Spade:  Metaphysical Metal Detective:  The case of The Blue Lily!
     Sliders #3:   A cyborg stretches into a whole new look!
     Spider Woman #3 & #4:  A beautiful villainess with living skin?
     Spider Woman #15,16 & 17:  It seems Skin is not as dead as we thought!
      SpyBoy #12:  SpyGirl in the dressing room of her show!
     Star Wars: Shadow of the Empire: Evolution #3
      Superman:  Now there's more than one issue!
     Tomorrow Stories:  One of Alan Moore's stories has First American getting into a sticky predicament!
     Unknown Comics and Manga:  These are found on the web, but I don't know where they're from.
                                        Feel free to inform me!
     Vampirella / Pantha:  Evil snake demon in disguise.
     What The..?:   Marvel spoof comic.
     World's Finest #169:  Supergirl unmasked!
     X-Men Annual #11:  The X-Men fight their way through a strange building that fights back
                           by offering our heroes what they desire most.
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